Trailblazer services are shutting down

In July 2017, Trailblazer's servers will be taken offline and you will no longer be able to sync your trails with the extension.
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We're hatching a plan to make researching for your next assignment a whole heap easier.
You have my attention.

It's 3:15am. Your essay is due in 5.75 hours (but who's counting). You take a sip of coffee. The second edit has gone well. But oh my, what's that? You've left doing your references until now? Ha 😐. Ha 😑. Haaaa 😫.

We're building this thing called Trailblazer. Right now it turns the hundred tabs you have open into a map...

And this is great as you can re-trace your steps if you go down a YouTube rabbit hole.

But cooler: it means you can close all your tabs for now. When you're ready to continue researching just reopen your map and continue right where you left off.

And this is just the start. We think with a few additional features Trailblazer could be all kinds of amazing for undergrad students.

This is what we're thinking:

Highlighter icon

Make highlights on the internet—oh and in pdfs too.

Spotted a useful point for your essay? Highlight the thing and save it for your future self.

A fact given you a new angle for your report? Leave a note right on your source of inspiration.

Quotation icon

All your annotations, all in one place.

Time to start writing, huh? Let our code-named "annotation view" help you with that.

Browse through all your clippings and notes, connect-the-dots, churn out those 2500 words.

Books icon

Automagical bibliographies. Coming soon.

As you select a quote to use we'll add an in-text citation to your clipboard for your efforts.

Then, when it's 3:15am this time around: relax. Export your trail as a bibliography and paste that thing into your essay.

Okay, I'm interested.

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We’re envisaging a world where instead of blindly stumbling through the internet, we follow in the footsteps of others.