Trailblazer services are shutting down

In July 2017, Trailblazer's servers will be taken offline and you will no longer be able to sync your trails with the extension.
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See how your students are learning. Create life-long learners.
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Trailblazer helps your students develop their digital literacy; and it shows you how they research online. Step in and help them ask better questions, and see who’s just stopped at Wikipedia.

Keep your students organised

Trailblazer helps your students stay organised while they're doing their online research. No more lost notes, lost bookmarks and contrived bibliographies.

See how your students are learning.

See how your students are researching online. Step in to ask better questions; see who stopped on Wikipedia; and help your students learn how to learn.

We’re envisaging a world where instead of blindly stumbling through the internet, we follow in the footsteps of others.